About Susan


Sue Koningen is a Peer Support Specialist, an author, motivational speaker and educationalist. She is also a master storyteller. Drawing from life experiences, Sue’s approach to training identifies many of our emotional triggers with compassion and humour as she encourages participants to identify their behaviour from the stories she tells. The examples are from real life situations and help to identify the crazy things we do and why we do them even though we realise they’re not helping. Sue’s positive high regard for people is matched by her belief in the process of change and the benefits of forming deeper connections of trust in order to build successful, respectful personal relationships – the foundation of mental wellness.  

Sue draws on a combination of major Family and Relationship Theories/Philosophies including: 

Family Systems Theory: This theory views families as living organisms and stresses emotions, boundaries, rules, expectations, and behaviours that help the family maintain equilibrium and the status quo or homeostasis. If something changes in one part of the family, other parts will need to adjust as well. In addition, the family is part of other systems in the community, so changes in one family will create imbalance and lead to changes in other systems that surround that family – thus reducing community stigma and discrimination.   

Humanistic Psychology Theory: This theory (along with approaches touted by Carl Rogers) emphasises emotions and feelings. Such approach is based on the assumption that positive relationships are crucial to a person’s well-being and heavily focuses on communication, affirmation, and providing support in relationships. 

Sue’s Program has achieved outstanding recovery results developing self-efficacy and deeper connections within families proving we can override out-dated and debilitating beliefs and expectations and replacing them with more realistic patterns of thinking to manage life’s challenges. Sue’s added insight has been gained from coordinating a community jobs plan program for people in recovery from dual diagnosis conditions, to develop their potential and readiness to join the workforce, and as Team Leader of a Woman’s Refuge supporting women and their children experiencing domestic violence. The Program has been presented to parents and carers on a weekly basis for over two decades and successfully presented as Professional Development workshops/seminars throughout Queensland to carer organisations and frontline workers. Sue holds a Diploma of Community Service.


Documented Outcomes for Participants:


93.8%         Decreased stress

88.8%         Decreased anxiety

98.6%         Improved ability to communicate

92.6%         Improved capacity to cope with relationship issues

96.2%         Felt supported

100%          Felt listened to

91.2%         Felt less isolated


All outcomes exceeded every set benchmark.

Source: Mirikai – Gold Coast Drug Council 2006-2011


If you’re not quite sure the issues you’re dealing with fit within this training, please call or email me to discuss what’s happening in your life.