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Empowering Families 6 Week Series


Managing challenging Behaviours Strengthening Connection


Families are the cornerstone of society and within this supportive environment; members grow and share in the fun, laughter, celebrations of life’s milestones, and achievements together. When troubles impact one family member, others are there to give encouragement and a helping hand if needed. It’s what families do. 

Families are also first to notice any personality changes, agitation, withdrawal, poor self-care or sense of hopelessness. These behavioural changes destabilise the family, creating anxiety, fear and frustration at the very time calm, compassionate support is most needed. 

The resulting raw, complex, emotional elements of changed family dynamics has a huge impact on everyone yet with little or no training they are expected to take on the enormous role of caregiving. 

 No wonder so many experience frustrations and an overload of stress, anxiety or depression.

Parents may not understand what’s happening to the young person, or what they’re experiencing, how they view their life or challenges they’re facing, but one thing is certain – if the support they are giving is not helping, it will create further stress and resentment. The opposite of what they are trying to achieve, and all too quickly family life can spin out of control and fracture. 

Restoring connection, strengthening bonds to manage the storm is essential to the health and wellbeing of the young person and the family as a unit.

I believe children are our most precious ‘gift’.

Learning how to support them in more effective ways is our gift to them. 

If you’re concerned, need to rebuild your relationship or deepen the bond you have with your young person right now is the time to start – before things get any worse. 


                    Discover how to adapt and manage significant life challenges

                    Strengthen communication and boundary setting skills

                    Listen without moral judgments or expectations

                    Become the catalyst for personal growth in your child

                    Through developing greater resiliency in your own life  


The Program addresses essential parent/carer issues delivering 


                    Skills that support recovery

                    Skills to improve their own life

                    Skills to strengthen connection & build relationships

                    Strategies to restore the health and wellbeing of the family unit


You can develop your own powerful and effective ‘tool box’ of skill-sets promoting family wellness.


This is a one size fits all Program because it’s about strengthening family relationships - the first step in any prevention, early intervention or recovery support strategy. The Program offers a framework to achieve wellness and self-actualisation inclusive of the family unit itself.


This holistic view of wellness and recovery is intended to stimulate open discussion with anyone who has an interest in Mental Health to reflect deeply about what can be done to improve family inclusion, family connection, workplace practices and Mental Health outcomes.


Conceived and developed in collaboration and consultation with consumers, parents and family members over seven years, this Program truly is a bottom up strategy delivering great outcomes.


Some Comments:


During the period that I have attended your course on Empowering Families, I have laughed, I have cried, I have been shocked, embarrassed, appalled by some of the things I have done, and encouraged to realise that whilst for most of us, all of my actions were considered normal, because that was the way we were taught to be, but that there is a more effective way to behave. You are quite the most inspiring presenter and facilitator I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.


Thank you for helping me re-discovers the essence of my beloved son who seemed to have drifted almost out of reach.  Thank you for helping me realise that your programme works for every other aspect of my life too. Thank you for the love, thank you for the laughter.



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You can be the solution to your child’s difficulties

All it takes is a ‘wanting’ to learn how.



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