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I was thrown into the role of caregiving when my child survived a drug induced suicide pact in 1994. The raw, complex emotional elements of this tragedy shocked me to the core as I realised my perceived skills were not enough to help him in recovery or prevent another attempt. His survival became my top priority.

Believing I had the biggest loving heart and the gift of the gab, my greatest challenge was to find new more meaningful ways to connect deeply from my heart to his and to truly understand his needs and how I could support them.

With little or no training I was expected to take on the role of daily caregiving. It took some time for me to realise this challenge was not about being ‘good enough’ – I was already a good person, it was more about my being ‘willing enough’ to learn how.


How do I learn to manage these raging emotions I’m feeling?


I formed Gold Coast’s first Family Support Group. Working with other families from this inside out approach, we developed a new toolbox of skills and strategies to manage these emotions, communicate more effectively, strengthen family connection and build hope for the future.

We discovered the magical impact of ‘hope’ and ‘connection’ were the essential drivers of recovery and our own. Learning how to manage my emotional reactions to his behaviour was truly lifesaving.

Today, my work in this field spans over 20 years improving the lives of families and individuals confronted by the many challenges mental ill health and substance use has on families as they struggle to cope with depression, alcohol or substance use and suicidal ideation. Their ongoing input and insights ensure the program remain fluid in its growth.


The Program is a significant catalyst for change and innovation

In the parent/carer wellness process.


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As a Peer Support Specialist, I’m excited to announce that I am also available to deliver External Supervision for Mental health and AOD ‘Peer/Carer Support Workers’.


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Other Training Options

·          Professional Development – Connecting with Families workshop/series

·         Workplace Training – Workshop/Series

Building Connection – Managing Challenging Behaviours.


I hope to meet you soon at one of my seminars/workshop Series or Email me with any query you have about how I can assist you or your organisation.


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